One of the greatest powers we have as individuals is choice. The choice of what we put in and on our bodies and the choices that we make with our dollars. You're here because you are an informed consumer and you want to support companies like The Gift who put your wellbeing and the health of the planet above their bottom line. We don't take that lightly, we adhere to high quality standards and never compromise the love and care that we put into every product.

Trust Nature

When it comes to our ingredients, we source the highest quality plant-based ingredients and then we leave them alone to do their thing. We don’t strip out parts of the plant or over-process the ingredients, we like to remain as close to nature as possible.

Health = Wealth

There’s no one right way to do “healthy”. We support a passionate curiosity to continue to learn about what helps your unique body to feel healthy and perform it’s restorative duties day after day.

3rd Party Lab Testing

Our products are all tested by independent laboratories for potency and compliance, pesticides, mold, and other quality metrics.

Plant Based & Vegan

All of our products are plant based, 100% vegan and we never test on animals.

Sustainable & Restorative

Our tins are among the most sustainable packaging available. They are infinitely recyclable and contain zero chemicals in the lining - instead we favored a proprietary vegetable based wax which protects the quality of the products. Our oils are in glass bottles and are fully recyclable. Furthermore, many of the farmers in our network use restorative agricultural processes that improve the land and the environment.

Ethical Sourcing

We source our ingredients from fair trade, small, women-owned and minority-owned farms and laboratories.